About Us

In 2003, a group of the best and brightest in the communications industry sensed the winds of change. They knew a new mainstream was emerging — a mainstream whose values, priorities, and social connections was transforming the traditional landscape and as such many of the modes of communication, planning and strategies would be ineffective in reaching them.

After spending half of their executive careers leading general market agencies and the other half working as top executives with multicultural and emerging market agencies, a group of marketing, advertising, media, creative, interactive, and digital experts, equipped with the best experience the world could offer in the communications industry, decided to be the game changer needed to support the birth of a connected age.

These Ogilvy and Emmy Award winners, innovators, dream-makers, and discovery artists, full of passion, excellence and authenticity, had the vision to see that the marketplace was about to experience an explosive combination of changes in the social, cultural, consumer, behavioral, and economic fabric of our country.

Infused with passion and modernization, this group was defined by its devotion to connect consumers to brands and brands to consumers across multiple marketing channels and emerging platforms.

Equipped with a proven system and unique tapestry of new age practices, team True One Agency has successfully consulted with over 2,500 clients from early-stage companies, organizations, universities, celebrity brands and leaders, to companies amongst the Fortune 100, forging new ideas and gaining winning results.

We are the epitome of the statement, “From the heart of the community and in the soul of the people.” We’re navigated by passion, market intelligence, curiosity, and a genuine interest to make the world a better place.

We’re navigated by passion, proven intelligence, curiosity and a genuine interest to make the world a better place.