The Truth

A Beautiful Storm – leaving change in its path.

The generation of integration is here. A combination of forces – the perfect storm, requires organizations that want to be successful to adapt quickly and decisively to the time in which we live. The perfect storm consists of the confluence of globalization, rapidly evolving demographics, connective technology, and shifting consumers’ values and attitudes. Successful global competition, irrespective of industry will be aided by recognition and adaptation to this phenomenon.

The storm has forced the flattening of the world; the awakening of emerging markets; the prediction of an unprecedented multicultural United States population increase of 55% by 2050; un-mapped traditional demographic and social behavioral lines; blurred consumer differences between early adopters and laggards, and the list of influence continues.

The perfect storm has systematically created a fragmented marketplace. Standing in its wake will remain businesses and organizations that best arm themselves with critical information for survival.

The Eye of the Storm

The eye of the storm: the most powerful and dynamic part of the storm, leaves in its wake a global diversification. No longer economically relevant is one view, one consumer group, one product, or one type of service. Effected is competition for disposable income, products, services, partnerships, employment, trends, communication strategies, economics, implementation, segmentation, influences, and market positioning and widespread efforts of entrepreneurialism.

Total marketing has become the key driver of innovation. Today’s most innovative companies form culturally diverse talent pools and teams as a specific strategy for innovation. These companies have become the leading brands, research and development centers. When different cultures collide and ignite, an explosion of extraordinary new discoveries naturally emerge. The storm is actually beautiful.

Flattening of the World

Using computers, mobile devices, fiber-optic networks, and dynamic new software, it is now possible for consumers to clearly see all four corners of the planet – in real time. They are now able to collaborate, and connect with people, products, and services from all corners of the planet. For the first time in history, exploration possibilities exist for big brands, small entrepreneurs, and consumers.

The market, once a one size fits all, is no more. The flattening of the world has birthed a fragmented planet, with more choices and greater desire for products and solutions that work for the individual. This desire for individually relevant products is a market of multitudes – a new million mosaic of mini-niche markets. These niches when aggregated equal a magnificent market opportunity.